Electronic Flashers

We designed and patented the world’s first electronic marine flasher about 60 years ago. These many years of experience have taught us much about the needs of marine equipment users which we incorporate into our designs. We are an industry leader in developing well engineered, full featured yet easy to use, reliable flashers which are mostly immune from the electrical abuses often encountered in marine navigation lighting – and at very competitive prices.

In order to assure you high reliability, we submit our flashers to 11 to 35 electrical/functional tests, (depending on the flasher model) including a high temperature burn-in/stress test.


Electronic Reverse Polarity and Short Circuit Protection
Daylight Control Sensing Circuit when used with Light Sensor
9020 Flasher – First Output (and second output for dual filament lamp) has Accurate Lamp Voltage Regulation + 1%
177UNI Flasher – No voltage regulation
When Lamp Fails on First Output, Flasher Automatically Switches to Second Output for Lamp changers or Dual Filament Lamps. This Choice is Programmable or Factory Preset Depending on Marine Flasher Model. Power is turned off to the lamp when the second output is activated so that there is no making or breading of the lamp circuit that would cause contact sparking on the Lampchanger. Suitable for hazardous locations.
High Efficiency Power Circuits
Large, Color Coded Terminals with Stainless Steel Screws – Model 9020
Black Terminals on the 177UNI Flasher
Housings: Injection molded plastic shell with epoxy resin fill
Timing accuracy: + 0.5%
Competitive Pricing

Model 9020 Programmable Flasher Features:

Microcontroller based Infinite Rhythm Programmability – Up to 256 rhythms accessible by internal DIP switch. (4 ) DIP switch locations available for infinite rhythm programmability with use of Model 9400 Programmer Other programmable features – depending on Flasher model Synchronization of 2 or more flashers. (Choice on this function either programmable or factory preset depending on model) If Daylight Control Sensor is used on all Flashers in system, then synchronized Flashers will all turn off and on at daylight and at night-time either 1) in unison in our True Sync design, or 2) separately as when used with Flashers made by other manufacturers. In our True Sync system there is no need to designate a Master and Slave because this is done automatically by our Flashers.

We offer a separate Sync Module Model 2409 for allowing our Flashers to sync with those of various other manufacturers.

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Model 177UNI Flasher

This Flasher is designed to meet the needs of the offshore oil platform industry. It is both rugged to the environment and lightning discharges as well as economical. Functions include daylight control with optional Daylight Control Sensor, simple flash rhythm, and synchronization with 2 or more Flashers of CR or other manufacturers.

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Available Literature

Rhythm Versions 501 (500), 505 in .pdf format are now available!
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