Marine Signal Lamp Changer

Six Place Lamp Changer

Our lampchangers are appreciated by our customers worldwide for design simplicity, reliability and lamp positioning accuracy and consistency.

6 Lamp Capacity S-8, S-11 and halogen marine signal lamps with Pr30s prefocused collar
Uses rotary solenoid which is more reliable than motors and does not require any gears
Accurate, Consistent Lamp Positioning within .031 inch (0.8mm) of true center
Low Contact Drop
No Light Shadowing 52° Down From Horizontal of the Lamp Filament
Gold Plated Contacts
Large, Color Coded Terminals
Available With Solenoid for 6 or 12 Volt Systems
Can be mounted in any position
Low Cost

2086A, 2086B is our basic model designed to operate with any solid-state marine flasher which can provide filament failure sensing and voltage pulses to actuate the rotary solenoid. The rotary solenoid indexes the lamp turret by a spring-wound ratchet mechanism. This type of mechanism positions a new lamp into place quickly, accurately and consistently.

Lamp capacity66
Lamp sizesS8, S11, HalogenS8, S11, Halogen
Lamp current5A10A
Maximum lamp voltage24V24V
Maximum lamp power60W120W
Resistance through
lamp circuit
<0.015 Ohm<0.015 Ohm
Solenoid Voltage* 12V (6V)6-24V (4-15V)6-24V (4-15V)
Solenoid Current* 12V (6V)0.65A (1.1A)0.65A (1.1A)
Solenoid Minimum life
rated number of actuations
1 million1 million
Positioning accuracy0.031 inch (0.8mm)0.031 inch (0.8mm)
Temperature range:
-40° … 215° C
(-40° … 420° F)
-40° … 260° C
(-40° … 500° F)
Solenoid-54° … 121° C
(-65° … 250° F)
-54° … 121° C
(-65° … 250° F)
Terminal Barrier-40° … 130° C
(-40° … 266° F)
-40° … 130° C
(-40° … 266° F)
Weight0.86 Kg (1.9 lb)0.86 Kg (1.9 lb)

Meets or exceeds the requirements of U.S. Coast Guard Specification numbers 195 (2086A) and 478 (2086B) including vibration test at 5-G’s, shock test at 40 G’s, salt spray and immersion.

  • Gold Plated Contacts
  • Terminal Connectors – Brass with Tin Electroplate
  • Terminal Screws – Stainless
  • Die Cast Alumimum Frame with Polyester Powder Coat Finish
  • Turret – Injection Molded High Strength Plastic

We also offer the following Lampchanger Models

We developed the 2086BLR Lampchanger under contract with the U.S. Coast Guard to meet Specification G-SEC-478 which includes a requirement that the resistance through the lamp circuit not exceed 0.010 Ohms, after extensive heat testing when running a 110 Watt halogen marine signal lamp. The “LR” in “BLR” stands for low resistance.

In order to achieve this low resistance, significant material and assembly changes were made to the 2086BLR lampchanger from the 2086B version, which include the following:

  1. Elimination of one of the two Spring Contacts (between circuit board and turret) and replaced it with 16 gauge tinned copper stranded wire. This cable is threaded through the turret. A high temperature engineered plastic is used as a pivot with stainless steel tube to hold the turret instead of the solid stainless steel pivot used on our other lampchangers.
  2. The other Spring Contact is doubled up to increase contact pressure. A higher conductivity spring material is used.
  3. All gold plated brass parts have been replaced with gold plated copper.
  4. The three colored terminals have copper inserts instead of brass.
  5. Six contact plates on top of the lamp turret positions have an inlaid silver/nickel contact strip running the full length of the part through the tab overhang. This is the best moving contact material available.
  6. There are six terminal resistors instead of only one and they are connected by 20 gauge solid copper tinned wire to create a parallel electrical power path to the back-up ring.
  7. A heat baffle is mounted at top of the lampchanger to shield the top turret ratchet tooth from lamp heat. All other specifications are similar to the 2086B version of our lampchanger.
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